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The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has revealed that tourism has recovered up to 65 per cent acceleration in the pre-pandemic levels. This has increased the numbers of travelers estimated to 700 million internationally between January and September 2022.

Travel Radio Blog is dedicated to budding and budget travellers, people venturing into travel lifestyle and those who want to travel for cheap. Before you hit the road travelling abroad, be sure to stay on this space for travel advice, travel tips, destination reviews, destination guides, food, restaurant, culture and more. In today’s post, we’ll help you with green flags to choose a travel companion. In other words you will know the green flags that would make you want to travel with someone.

A travel companion is a person who goes with you on a trip. While there may be numerous ways to find travel companions, some do prefer loved ones, like friends, siblings, or colleagues. On a rare occasion do we find people willing to traveling with strangers.

In this travel blog, you will identify green flags when choosing a travel companion for your next trip, whether for Christmas or for a the new year, or a 2023 travel plan.

Benefits of Travel Companion

Even the good book says “two are better than one for there is a reward for their labor”.

More brain power can be attributed to having a travel companion. You can be sure that some members of your group will be much more knowledgeable around some unquestionable topics than others.

Many tourist have recounted travel horror stories during their trip abroad, these have led to mysterious deaths. With a travel companion, most harms have been averted. We take a dive at green flags to help you decide who you would want to travel with or better still choose a suitable stranger to traverse the world. 

Safety and Security

We mentioned travel horrors could occur during tours, and this isn’t to scare you as a budding or budget traveller, but things do happen. A companion can watch out for you, your backpack while you use the bathroom, on the beach or even while meeting strangers. My friend, Segun Adewusi lost expensive camera gadgets at a park in Germany while taking photos.

The Nigerian girl, Zainab Oladehinde narrated her travel horror story on Twitter in Zanzibar, Tanzania during her visit as a solo traveller. To have a travel companion could be a safe measure against travel horrors.


There is joy in sharing they say. Splitting bills during your trip can reduce heavy costs on your travel budget. Some burdens are being taken off when you have a companion.

You could save a lot when you share accommodation, regardless of gender, dinner, activities, even transfers from one end to the other.

Great Fun

You can improvise more fun things for two or more and share lovely moments together. It is even more fun when you have someone with the same sense of humor, reasoning, and to talk to.

Strengthen the Bond of Relationship

Regardless of what gender or who you travel with, it is more likely to strengthen the bond of a relationship, be it marriage, friendship, family or a stranger on a trip.

Bonding is developed out of experiences. Ideas could be birthed, like I once read about a couple who met during their trip to Asia, they dated, got married, started traveling as a digital nomad, blogging their experiences while selling digital products.

There are several benefits of having a travel companion, however, we found most advantages hinges on these for benefits.

Green Flags That Would Make You Want To Travel With Someone

Here are some personality that will enable you identify your green flags when choosing a travel companion.

  • People who know their airport hustle.
  • Don’t mind splurging on accommodations, dinners, etc
  • Someone that wants to do a few things together, but can also split up and do each own thing as well.
  • Always down for whatever adventure comes.
  • A good sense of humor.
  • Easy going, flexible, low maintenance, likes to try new things, adventurous eater, doesn’t complain about everything.
  • They have a buddy pass for airfare.
  • Someone who goes whitewater rafting everywhere there is an opportunity.
  • Someone open and not closed minded to the “world
  • Willing to take a spontaneous chance and get outside their “box!”.

  • Who knows about having to share a mattress with a stranger.
  • Someone without an agenda who has a diversity of interests.
  • Someone with an adventurous spirit and is physically capable of climbing hills/stairs and walking long distances.
  • Comfortable enough with themselves, and can split up and meet back up.
  • Someone who has solo traveled before and can manage being alone as well as together during the trip.
  • Someone who will explore at random and doesn’t have anything in particular they want to see.
  • They don’t have to be scheduled 24/7.
  • Someone who can get to the airport 3 hours early.
  • I hear the words. “I am paying”.
  • Not a penny-pincher with unrealistic expectations.

  • A “go with the flow” type of person. 
  • Somebody fun who would have one’s back.
  • Someone who’s not insecure, anxious or really tight with money, who does things spontaneously, carefree and not moody.
  • Someone who gives a feeling of safety.
  • Someone open to suggestions.
  • Someone interested in culture and not just partying.
  • Someone interested in just a “Carry-on only”.
  • Someone who’s understanding when things don’t go to plan and can have a bit of a laugh about it afterwards.
  • A “We’ll figure it out when we get there” person.
  • People who don’t ask where we are going and just go.

  • Someone who’s not connected at the hip.
  • A reader or knitter, an experienced foreign traveller. 
  • Someone who enjoys thrift shops/used book shops/pub food, and not a heavy drinker. Absolutely no smoking/drugs.
  • Someone kind to others like baristas, waitstaff, hotel clerks.
  • Someone frugal and makes coffee at home vs buying Starbucks.
  • Good chats and connection. Great feelings to be around with.
  • Someone who loves the foods of the world.
  • A Bucket list synchrony.
  • Someone who rather saves where we save and spend more on activities, travel style compatibility is a MUST.
  • Someone who is like “Let’s book the one-way flight, we’ll figure out how to get back”.

  • Someone who is in question with themselves… trusting… and self confidence.
  • Someone who likes to keep busy the whole time and see as much as possible.
  • Someone excited to try local food.
  • Someone who would prefer to sleep at 9pm, wake up at 6 and have a big breakfast with me.
  • Someone spontaneous and can get ready quickly.
  • A non-drinker who doesn’t mind splitting the bill with a bottle of wine.
  • Someone with No schedule and Free to Roam.
  • Someone that can make an excel spreadsheet of the trip.
  • Someone like “I have top tier airline or hotel status”.
  • Someone who likes to nap.
  • They know how to negotiate.
  • Someone who can eat while walking.
  • Someone who knows about the beach.

Have you found your travel companion in the many lists of suitable personalities you are looking for?

You can turn it into a checklist for a Know-You game chat to identify a suitable stranger or loved ones for your next adventure. Be sure to add your green flags to choose someone you would like to travel with.

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