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Know where your passport belong.

Learn what to do with a weak passport.

Strong passports and travel freedom are more important than ever as globalization takes root. Travel Radio Live lists the top ten most powerful and weakest African passports once more. Afrocentric in 2022.

Based on the nature of the agreement, visa access changes as a country’s bilateral relations deepen.
The Henley Passport Index rates the world’s passports based on how many places their owners can visit without a prior visa. The strength of a passport is also influenced by other variables, like security, mobility, taxes, and quality of life.

However, there are other considerations besides travel that must be taken into account if you truly want to know which nation issues the best passport in the world. According to Nomad Capitalist, tier C passports make up the majority of African passports. These are passports that don’t allow you to travel to the US or the Schengen region, or in other words, Europe, without a visa.

Here are the top best African passports;

Africa’s Top 10 Strongest Passports

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What exactly does having a weak passport mean? Simply put, it basically means that you can’t pretty much go everywhere with just your passport. It’s likely that your passport has a lot of restrictions, such as a high percentage of visa denials. A strong passport allows you to travel to many different countries, ideally without the need for a visa.

The top 10 weakest passports in Africa are examined again by Travel Radio Live. With this knowledge, you may be able to explore your choices for a second citizenship or resign your current citizenship in favor of another.

Which stamp book will take you the furthest is ranked annually by the Henley Passport Index. This list of “chocolate boxes” (weakest passports) would benefit from a boost if more travel history stamps, a US visa, a UK visa, a Canadian visa, or a Schengen visa is on it to allow access to other nations. You will be able to travel 26 to 39 other countries with some of these listed visas. The list of passports is based on the number of nations that can be visited without a visa, according to data from the International Air Transport Association.

Where is your passport ranked?

Top Weakest Passports in Africa