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Who We Are

We are self-paced digital consultants providing advisory in various travel services.





How We Serve Our Clients


We Assess You

We help you to know and understand yourself to make career, educational and life decisions. In your career path, we assess your career path and suggest appropriate options for you.


We Offer Solution

Our time spent with you helps us understand your skills and underlying drive enabling us to better serve you in your search for the right career. Here we offer possible solutions to kick start your journey abroad.


We Take On The Job

Once we’ve identified and chucked out your career path, we set into motion the activities that can help you achieve your goals.
Starting with the course you are applying for, we help you prepare for the documents needed for your admissions, we screen your financial papers and conduct mock interviews to increase your chances of getting a student visa.

Why People Trust Us

Our aim is to build the tradition of excellence and trust, we give advice on sound policies and help the student make informed choices. We want to create value in everything that we do.

Our Services


We offer multi-jurisdictional admissions across countries for our clients, by sourcing desired courses of study, assess and procure documents required for the admission process, great follow-you speed to meet up with the admission calendar, we source low tuition schools, as well as second to third tier  schools.

Study Visa Support Services

It always first starts with an admission abroad, but to get a student into a country requires a study visa. We help with visa support services to study in various countries. 

Our able team helps you sort through your Study Visa applications by crossing the T’s and dotting the i’s, submitting your Visa Application, and following through. We do the necessary vetting as we are not the consular to guarantee a visa.

study loan

Study Loan

As we all know that education is power, it’s not possible without funding. We have strategically built partnerships with finance companies for international study loans by securing admissions in listed schools offering loans for interested students.



Studying abroad can be expensive, especially for most PhD programs as well as Masters. Our team helps students with applications for scholarships to study abroad. Depending on the institution or organization offering, Scholarship application may take a process pull through but feasible.

Summer/Winter School

We help students and individuals alike get into Summer Schools across universities offering at the time. This can range from two to eight weeks in duration. Summer schools have the potential in developing skills and improving your knowledge in your area of job or career.

Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.

G. K. Chesterton

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