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Culture shock is an experience a person may have when one moves to a cultural environment which is different from one’s own. However, the shock can be less when you have visited many countries like Gbemi Disu, the executive director of Carnegie Mellon University Africa in Kigali-Rwanda.

Gbemi has traveled over 110 countries and counting, a global citizen, a jetsetter, a gastronomy and a lover of adventure. She read international business for her bachelors, and a global MBA. Gbemi embodies a global component in her personality that makes her fascinated by people and cultures, always wanting to know how the world works.

Gbemi Disu was our guest on Borderless Naija, a Travel Radio Live’s podcast show that centers largely on people, events and places Nigerians go and live. They share their unique experiences as they live and grow in a new community. The show is dedicated to Nigerians, Nigerians in diaspora and friends and lovers of Nigeria.

Gbemi has got her siblings scattered across three continents which she finds herself flying the world adventurously visiting friends and families.

The fear of traveling can be called hodophobia, and for Gbemi, travel stories from her dad’s experiences while growing up got her passion ignited for an audacious, but safe travel lifestyle.

Global is a journey,

Gbemi Disu

and the world, her oyster as she learns unique things in every travel.

Gbemi landed her job from a place of courage, calculated risk and searching for opportunities across the world for jobs. She prides herself in personal development and the capacity to expand her knowledge which gave her the required competence, with an unrelenting consistency to deliver quality which installs in her a high level of trust.

No matter where you go, you will always come home. With friends and family back home, green still flows in Gbemi’s blood to always find herself visiting home for the food, especially her obsession for suya, a kind of smoked beef with rich spices. The dynamism in Nigeria keeps her visiting regardless of its challenges.

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